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Formerly known as Next Step, BeUtmost Inc. is a Non-profit organization with a mission to ensure success among the youth by increasing the opportunities for student's success through education and athletics.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to uplift our communities and school systems with programs that provide encouragement, significance, resources and opportunities to all individuals in need.

Established in March 2010, Be Utmost Inc Program is a result of the Executive Director’s passion for uplifting his community through developmental programs. Our organization strives to create a positive and rewarding experience for the youth in our community and enable them to achieve their true potential. Individual empowerment and self-determination are strong components of Be Utmost, Inc. The organization was conceived and organized to address the social and educational needs of youth, to counteract failure, and to improve the quality of life of San Diego’s low-income students and families.

Our organization seeks to assist community organizations and schools in an effort to provide academic, social, athletic, and emotional support to middle and high school youth in the San Diego metropolitan area. Our aim is to provide new friendships and role models to the next generation, empowering them to succeed in their everyday endeavors.

Be Utmost Inc. will work to educate and entertain youth by providing the following services:


  • Educational Programs (Tutoring, SAT/ACT Prep Courses, Resume Writing etc.)

  • Workshops (interviews, computer skills, financial literacy, etc.)

  • Counseling (academic and social)

  • Outreach

  • Sport activities (Organized sports teams)

  • Exercise workshops

  • Youth meeting places

  • Parent/ child activities

  • Follow-up support

  • After school services

  • College tour fieldtrips


Youth development is based on understanding that all young people need support, guidance, and opportunities during their adolescent years. With this support, they can develop self-assurance in the four areas that are key to creating a happy, healthy, and successful life:


  • A sense of competence: being able to do something well.

  • A sense of usefulness: having something to contribute.

  • A sense of belonging: being part of a community and having relationships with caring adults.

  • A sense of power: having control over one's future.

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